Lamp Bocche

Lamp Bocche

Handcrafted Lamp in Lecce’s stone (sandstone) using exclusively rasps, chisels, hammer and other traditional tools.
4 different sizes of “Bocche” are available to enhance light effects of your interior, creating a warm cocooning ambience, ideal for both classic and modern interiors’ design. The smaller ones are ideal as bedside lamps or for coffee tables while the bigger ones can be also used as floor lamps enriching your interiors, with taste and originality, with ivory-coloured ‘light sculptures’.
This model is characterized by a lighting effect that starting from the base is channelled in 3 different directions through its beams of light (mouths) while maintaining a harmony of the whole ensemble.

This model draws inspiration from the trunk of a tree from which unpredictable and dynamic ramifications develop, that are independent and at the same time necessarily part of a whole.
The exclusively craftsmanship makes each object of the GP Interior Design collection unique and unrepeatable in its kind.

Every creation is completely hand-made thereby unique and by refusing the use of curving stone machines we aim at preserving authenticity and history of traditional crafts.



Product size h 100 x 20 x 25
h 50 x 18 x 20
h 37 x 18 x 18
h 27 x 15 x 18
PACKAGING SIZE 100cm: h120 x 40 x 40
50cm: h 60 x 30 x 30
37cm:  h 45 x 30 x 30
27cm: h 30 x 22 x 22
PRICE 100cm: €1100 + Shipping Cost + VAT 22%
50cm: € 550,00 + Shipping Cost + VAT 22%
37cm: € 350,00 + Shipping Cost + VAT 22%
27cm: €150,00 + Shipping Cost + VAT 22%
MATERIAL Lecce’s stone (sandstone), Packaging: handcrafted wooden box
WEIGHT 100cm: 20-25 Kg
50cm: 6 – 10 Kg
37 & 27cm: 3 – 5 Kg
DELIVERY Max. 10 days

Yes – It is possible to send on demand customized requests