Catch all Lago

Catch all Lago

Handcrafted catch-all in Lecce’s stone (sandstone) using exclusively rasps, chisels, hammer and other traditional tools.
This product is available in different shapes (see Catch-all Punte for instance) and sizes; it is perfect as pocket emptier, to hold business cards, scented home objects or as elegant and original centerpiece.

Every creation is completely hand-made thereby unique and by refusing the use of curving stone machines we aim at preserving authenticity and history of traditional crafts.

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PRODUCT SIZE h 12 x 40 x 20
PACKAGING SIZE h 30 x 60 x 30
PRICE € 80,00 + shipping cost + VAT 22%
MATERIAL Lecce’s stone (sandstone) Packaging: handcrafted wooden box
DELIVERY Max. 10 days
CUSTOMIZED OPTION Yes – It is possible to send on demand customized requests