Bench Flusso

Bench Flusso

Bench in Lecce’s stone (sandstone) with top in fir wood, handcrafted using exclusively rasps, chisels, hammer and other traditional tools.

This sculpture is a reinterpretation of the ancient garden benches and its stone hardness is dampened by the its soft and floating shapes, a continuous movement without beginning or end.

Every creation is completely hand-made thereby unique and by refusing the use of stone carving machines we aim at preserving authenticity and history of traditional crafts.

This creation is a collaboration with Kaleidos Cooperative, of which Gabriele Pici has been a partner since 2014.
Kaleidos deals with the restoration of real and personal property of historical and artistic value, reinterpretation and trade of antique, vintage and contemporary furniture as well as interiors’ design and décor.

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PRODUCT SIZE Bench: h 37 x 80 x 40
Top: h 4 x 107 x 30
PRICE € 1950,00 + Shipping Cost + 22% VAT
MATERIAL Lecce’s stone (sandstone) & fir wood
WEIGHT About 100 Kg
DELIVERY Max. 10 days

Yes – It is possible to send on demand customized request as well as different type of wood for the top


Fragile object to be handled with care. It is recommended to always lift the lamp from the base and avoid dragging the object on the surface.