Applique Geco

Applique Geco

Handcrafted Appliques in Lecce’s stone (sandstone) using exclusively rasps, chisels, hammer and other traditional tools.
Different shapes of wall-lights are available to enhance light effects of your interior, creating a warm cocooning ambience, ideal for both classic and modern interiors’ design.
Each model is equipped with an iron bar on the back screwed along the top of the product to allow easy installation and it is characterized by a different light effect.

Shedding light upward and downwards plus small beams from the legs of the   portrayed gecko. The gecko is considered a symbol of luck and for this reason it is always welcome in our houses and never turned away; it is considered the custodian and the expression of the will to keep one’s own land intact and far from evils.

Every creation is completely hand-made thereby unique and by refusing the use of curving stone machines we aim at preserving authenticity and history of traditional crafts.

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PRODUCT SIZE h 15 x 27 x 17
PACKAGING SIZE h 30 x 40 x 30
PRICE € 120,00 + Shipping Cost + VAT 22%
MATERIAL Lecce’s stone (sandstone)
DELIVERY Max. 10 days
CUSTOMIZED OPTION Yes – It is possible to send on demand customized requests