Our packaging was created with the dual function of safely transporting our products and offering at the same time an elegant and original presentation. The wooden boxes, with cardboard packaging that guarantees greater eco-compatibility, were designed and handcrafted by the Kaleidos Cooperative, of which Gabriele Pici has been a partner since 2014, and we recommend our customers to creatively repurpose them.

Kaleidos deals with the restoration of real and personal property of historical and artistic value, reinterpretation and trade of antique, vintage and contemporary furniture as well as interiors’ design and décor.

A handcrafted wooden box is included in the price for lamps measuring 37cm and 50 cm.
Smaller products (20 or 27 cm) are shipped in cardboard packaging while bigger ones such as lamps or sculptures of 100 cm and more will be packed in cardboard and shipped on customized wooden pallets.