The GP Interior design collection was born from the passion and experience of Gabriele Pici, master of handcraft Lecce stone. This home decor catalogue is a showcase of unique sculptures that combine art and manual work. The artistic craftsmanship of Gabriele Pici brings to life an original interpretation of lamps, wall lights and other creations that enhances the light effects, creating a warm cocooning ambience, ideal for both classic and modern interiors’ design. Gabriele is an artist-craftsman from Lecce, in Salento, where since 2000 he started working with Lecce stone in a historic local workshop.

Lecce stone is versatile and easily malleable allowing me to create unique and sinuous shapes … starting from a block of stone and an idea …every sculpture is a challenge between tightness and fragility, between the stone’s static nature and its dynamic potential … in order to give new life and humanity to a material already carved by nature, the source of my inspiration. My hands become one with the block of stone I model using exclusively rasps, chisels, hammer and other traditional tools

Every creation is entirely hand-made thereby unique and by refusing the use of curving stone machines we aim at preserving authenticity and history of traditional crafts.

Interiors are enriched with ivory-coloured stone masterpieces, inspired by olive trees or rocks carved by the sea and the wind; another exceptional decoration you can find in some of our creations is offered by nature itself thanks to the presence in the stone of fossils from marine fauna such as seashells, that we preserve and present as part of the GP Interior Design collection.

Lampade in pietra leccese Lecce